Car Hire

Voyager Car Rentals based in Rethymnon provide car, motorcycles and scooters rentals on daily or weakly terms. The cars and bikes come with full insurance and airport pickup services at reasonable prices.

Voyager Car Rentals can also provides a wider range of services for visitors to Crete including apartments or villas in Rethymnon and its surrounding prefecture. They can also organize tours and activities on Crete that will enrich your stay. 

You have nothing to be afraid of. Their contract clearly indicates that full insurance covers all damages without any exceptionYou don’t pay anything even if you cause the accident.

Included in all their Prices

  • We provide Full insurance with no excess no risk for the renter (CDW no excess, FDW= Full Damage Waiver, PAI=Personal Accident Insurance, FI=Fire Insurance, TI=Theft insurance, WUG=Wheels underneath Glasses Insurance) and we don’t hold any guarantee of a credit card.
  • 24% taxes
  • Unlimited (free) km
  • Full insurance with no excess C.D.W (you dont pay anything in case of an accident even if it is your fault or when you have parked your car somewhere and somebody crashes it without you seeing them)
  • Death or bodily damages to third party up to 5.000.000 Euro
  • Property damages to third party up to 1.000.000 Euro
  • Full insurance against theft, fire, broken glasses
  • Personal accident insurance for the driver/-s
  • Personal accident insurance for the passengers
  • Car Replaced for Free if Breakdown
  • Second Driver
  • 24h road assistance everywhere around the island
  • Free baby seats for all ages
  • Free Road Map & Travel Information
  • GPS Navigation System
  • A/C
  • Booking can only be made through a 20% deposit on total price.
  • Full deposit refund is available for cancellation occurring minimum one day prior delivery date.

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