True Meaning of Philoxenia

"Friend to the Stranger"

The roots of philoxenia live deep in the hearts of every Greek person and there is alot more to philoxenia than just “hospitality”. Translated from Greek “philoxenia” means “friend to a stranger” and this way of life is the reason why millions of people are visiting Crete every year and indeed buying property in Crete.

It is not uncommon for village people wanting to share their cultures with foreigners, inviting them into their homes for a coffee or a home cooked meal (spitiko), to share local food like olive oil, tomatoes or spinach pie.

Greeks are not just proud of their food but also their history and their mythology often taking visitors around their villages telling stories of the past. In modern Crete today philoxenia is embedded into Greek culture with just a simple

From a simple kind smile to giving directions to a landmark restaurant or monument the Cretan locals all take it upon themselves to become self-appointed tour guides. Greece is definitely the birthplace of philoxenia.

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Director: Theo Papadoulakis
Scriptwriter: Panagiotis Papoutsakis
DoP: Kostas Nikolopoulos
Edited by: Allan Michael
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